Foreign rights

Bottega Errante Edizioni is an Italian independent publishing house, based in Udine and founded in 2015 by a group of professionals, old enough to have the knowledge and young enough to have the courage to start a new project.

Our motto “Dentro le letterature di frontiera” (Inside Border Literatures) reveals that our aim is to publish the best novels coming from north-eastern Italy, the Balkans and eastern Europe by authors capable of writing stories with a strong identity and a broad horizon that will remain in readers’ memories for a long time.

In our catalogue we manage the rights on novels published by authors, both Italian and foreign: Renzo Brollo, Paolo Ciampi, Roberto Covaz, Angelo Floramo, Paolo Ganz, Dušan Jelinčič, Alessandro Toso and Predrag Finci, Božidar Stanišić, Dušan Veličković.


Bottega Errante Edizioni’s books are represented in Poland by: Nova Books Agency.

The novel “Stefan Zweig. L’anno in cui tutto cambiò” by Raul Precht is represented worldwide by: Eulama Literary Agency.

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Rights sold

Moj dom negdje drugdje, translated by Lorena Monica Kmet, Sandorf (Croatia) 2023

My home somewhere else, translated by Jim Hicks, Sandorf passage (USA) 2024