Venice confidential


Perhaps Venice is a dream, a dream in which everyone can discover themselves as being different from what they are, thanks to an ancient contract, bartering desires in exchange for reality. To finally discover themselves different from what they are. Paolo Ganz

Author: Paolo Ganz
Translation: Agnese Martina
Illustrations: Andrea Longhi
Year: 2018
Formato: 12 x 18
Pages: 208
ISBN: 9788899368173

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There is Saverio the madman, the girl in love with the aviator, a famous American actor who upsets the life of a restaurateur, the cats, Bianca and the flood of 1966, a young woman from Marseilles who chases the Master of Malamocco, an old man who lives with the ghosts of his lovers. A series of characters that, as if in a dream can love and live only in Venice, here following a female city: mischievous and complicitous, opportunist and mysterious. Stories linked by the ephemeral thread of the water of the lagoon, where real and fantastic often mix and no one has anything to object.


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